Liquid Tight PVC Coated Steel Flexible Conduit

Construction : Helically Wound Single lock Flexible Conduit Smooth Surface pvc Oversheath with thick pvc.The Conduit Will be uniform in diameter through our it's length The Internal Surface of the Conduit will be free from Bures & Sharp Edges.
Self Colour : Zinc/silver
PVC Coating : Black/ Gray
PVC : Also available in LFHS UV resistant


  • Flexible
  • Inherent low fire hazard Product.
  • Temperature Range : -20C to +120C
  • IP Rating : 1P64 & IP65
  • Liquid Tight PCV Coated Steel Flexible Conduita High Mechanical Strength

Raw Material : Mild Steel, Bright, Cold Rolled and annealed, at least equivalent in quality to Grade EN 2 and specified in IS : 513. After inhouse Galvanization Thickness 12 Micron Minimum
Marking & Packing : Marking & Packing : Flexible Conduit & Adaptors are Packed with our Logo as per costomer Request strong hdpe bags white paper box & wooden pallate.
Cutting : We recommend use of fine tooth 32tpi. Hacksaw short conduit length can be readely in corporated assistance has been drived from the following while preparing this standard
IP Rating : IP65 with standard fittings.Brass Nickel Plated Female Adaotor with male metric Thread with brass Locknut & Pvc Sleev All Adaptors or Manufactures to a fine tolerance to ensure a very tight fit with ease of removal flexible conduit


  • Machine Tools
  • Areas subject to heat and sparks ( foundries, welding. etc )
  • Outdoor Instalations
  • Used a mechanical Protection for Insulated Electrical Cables and WIres that are functional in normal atmospheric Temperature
  • Under Floor Applications for Computer/Floor Boxes
  • Used for Connecting Machines to Controls Elevatatres Metro Stations CCTV Camera ETC.


Part.# Size Internal Diameter (MM) External Diameter (MM) Min. Bend Redius (MM) Coil Packing (Mtr) Sheet Thickness
TIPL-US-LT-301 16mm 12.3 17.5 SO 30,50 0.25
TIPL-US-LT-302 20mm 15.8 20.8 65 30,50 0.25
TIPL-US-LT-303 25mm 20.7 26.2 75 30,50 0.25
TIPL-US-LT-304 32mm 26.4 32.7 too 30,50 0.30
TIPL-US-LT-305 40mm 35.5 41.4 120 15,30 0.35
TIPL-US-LT-306 50mm 40.1 47.4 140 15,30 0.35