Double Intelock Hose - SAGRA

Transport of : Hot Air, Industrial Gases, Exhaust Gases, Incandescent Dusts, Dust Extraction etc.

Construction / Application

Construction : Strip wound metal hose with double interlock without seal.

Materials : M.M. S.S. Bronze etc.

BRAIDING : S.S./Brass/G.I./Asbestos, Jacketing by PVC Sleeves

End Fitting : On Request /As per drawings.

DIA Range : 10mm to 200mm I.D.

Application : Protective hose having maximum mechanical strength, hose for casing of cables, plastics, S. S. corrugated & rubber hoses, flexible shaft grinder casing.

Characteristic : Torsion proof, hogh tension resistant, resisitant to compression, is flexible.